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Karimunjawa - Beach Village Ecotourism

Tanjung Gelam - Karimunjawa

In addition to Seribu Island, Karimun Island is one island group located in the Java sea.Karimun is a district in Jepara regency, which is the only district in Central Java, separated by the sea. Of mainland Java, the nearest island is 45 miles northwest of the town of Jepara.Karimun is a cluster of small islands with a total area of 111 625 hectares of land and sea with a population of more than 8800 inhabitants. There are 22 islands in the group of Karimun. 

Of all the islands here, most residents live in five main islands of Karimun Jawa, Pulau Kemujan, Parang Island, Mosquito Island, and Island Genting. Karimun Islands affected by the sea breeze blowing throughout the year with an average temperature of 26-30 degrees Celsius. According to the legend that circulated in the local community, karimunjawa Kremun derived from a word in Javanese language means vague. Karimunjawa which was dimly visible from the mainland of Java since 1986 has been designated as a Marine Nature Reserve. 

Karimun Nature Reserve changed its status to the National Park karimunjawa in 1999. Most National Parks are then designated as a Conservation Area Natural Waters by the Decision of the Ministry of Forestry No.74/Kpts-II/2001. Karimun National Park is often used as a means of research on matters relating to maritime affairs, such as management of coastal areas and recreational activities, the ecology of tropical rain forest vegetation coastal areas, mangrove, coral reef ecology and diversity of marine biota. 

Coral reefs in Karimun National Park consists of several types of coral reef shore (fringing reef), coral reef barrier (barrier reef) and a few taka (patch reef). Wealth of marine biota consists of more than 90 species of hard corals and 242 species of fish. Two main types of protected reef biota is the root of Bahar (Antiphates spp.) And red coral (Tubipora musica). Other protected marine life is the head of the goat (Cassis cornuta), triton trumpet (Charonia tritonis), hollow nautilus (Nautilus pompillius), stone game (Turbo marmoratus), and six kinds of clams. 

In addition to coral reefs and mangrove forests, coastal areas Karimun Islands also enhanced with a vast expanse of seagrass beds. On land, forests also store wealth in the form of protected birds and mammals. There is a population of long-tailed deer and monkeys that inhabit these islands. Meanwhile, sea eagles and white chest which is a rare eagle species inhabit the island Geleang Bird and the island as habitat. Both islands are also inhabited by two species of protected sea turtles, hawksbill and green turtles. 

To support government efforts in preserving the ecosystem of the islands and to improve the economic standards of local residents, District karimunjawa has been developed as a tourist village with the concept of ecotourism. By relying on natural resources, karimunjawa invite all citizens to preserve the various layers of the existing potential. In addition, residents can also increase revenue by opening a home stay, selling souvenirs, open shop, or to provide various facilities for tourists who visit there. 

Karimunjawa Fishing Boat
Various recreational activities can be done during a holiday in Karimun Islands. The enchantment of underwater adventures provide a place for diving and snorkelling. Because in the Java Sea is relatively calm, a lot of points that can be used as a diving and snorkeling, among other beaches on the island of Menjangan Besar, Menjangan Small, Geleang, Bengkoang, Parang, Twins, Katang, Krakal Small, and the island of beetles. 

In addition, another sea of adventure activities is exploring the ocean and see the marine aquarium. For those who are afraid to dive, karimunjawa provide bottom boat made of opaque glass (glass bottom boat) are rented to visitors. The presence part of invisibility allows passengers to enjoy views of the beach without having to dive basis. Menjangan Besar Island seawater aquarium facilities. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of various species of ornamental fish in an aquarium is built similar to the real seabed. 

Rise to the ground, visitors can hike along the Mount Gendero (600m), the highest peak on the island of Karimun Karimun Islands and throughout. To see the wildlife adventure, visitors require special permission from the relevant parties to go to Bird Island and Island Geleang which is the natural habitat of sea eagles. 

As a tourist village, karimunjawa been supplemented by various support facilities are adequate.Visitors may go directly Craft Centre in the village of Al Badri Cikmas Legon and Labiki in chalky road, Karimun island to get the wooden craft that became the mainstay karimunjawa souvenir. In addition to handicrafts, wood, other souvenirs are offered generally in the form of industrial products such as household jerseys, hats, fish, salted fish, porridge, processed food made from seaweed, and coconut oil. 

Karimun Islands already has a very adequate accommodation facilities. Tourist facilities are generally in the form of cottage living (home stay) personal property, homestead, cottage floating, hotels spread across the island until karimunjawa, Menjangan Besar Island, Middle Island, and island Menyawakan. There are about 40 inns and home stay spread across the islands, and each accommodation has been equipped with a telephone. Inns tariffs ranged between USD 40000.00 up to Rp 300.000,00 per night. 

Karimun Islands can be reached via the port of Tanjung Mas Semarang, and from Jepara Kartini through the port. From Tanjung Mas Semarang, Quick Motor Vessel (KMC), Kartini I, departs every Saturday, and 9:00 pm Monday, at 7:00. The same ship routes serving port-karimunjawa Jepara Kartini every Monday, at 10:00. Motor vessel serving the route Muria Muria-Karimun departs every Saturday and Wednesday, 9:00 o'clock. 

From the Karimun Islands, Kartini I go every Sunday, and Tuesday at 14:00, 9:00 o'clock. KMP Muria depart every Monday and Thursday at 09.00. For inter-island transportation, available facilities such as motor boats whose price depends on distance traveled or duration of usage.Karimun can also be accessed through the air by aircraft type Cassa 212 departing from Ahmad Yani Airport, Semarang toward Dewadaru airfield on the island of Karimun.

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