Thursday, 19 August 2010

Light at the Top of Mt Nglanggeran

Mount Nglanggeran offers the sensation of climbing the mountain-studded evening light. With a mileage of approximately two hours of climbing, climbed the highest peak tourist can the ancient volcano. Not only natural beauty, unforgettable memories actually located on the menus with friendliness of local people.

Perhaps only in the ancient volcanoes in the Village Nglanggeran, District peck, Gunung Kidul, DI Yogyakarta, the climbers are really "spoiled". Having exhausted the boulder up the type of breccia, tourists can relax while enjoying serving breakfast, lunch, or dinner from the local people.

As long as they have a message before going up the mountain, the resident is ready to deliver food orders up to an altitude of 700 meters above sea level. Prices of different food menu is quite astonishing because of cheapness. Rames Rice delivered with sweat streaming down it is only Rp 3,000 per pack.

Accompanied by the youth of the youth from the village of Bukit Putra Mandiri Nglanggeran, Compass has ever climbed Mount Nglanggeran active 70 million years ago was in mid-July, both at night. If you want to witness the beauty of Mount Nglanggeran peak, climbing the night was to be the only option.

Located 22 kilometers from the town of traveltime Wonosari, Nglanggeran Mountain region, composed of old volcanic material. Once-active volcano is estimated at 70 million years ago.

Different from other mountain climbing, we do not need to bring tents. On the mountain the whole body in the form of hard rock have a lot of common rock alcove used as a place to rest while climbing. Rock niche is even able to protect from the fast wind or rain.

Nglanggeran mountain climbing route has several alternatives with different levels of difficulty.Our party tried to track the level of difficulty is at middle. Utilizing the help of youth clubs as a young man climbing guide is the best choice for beginners because this mountain climbers have enough in the canyon and the valley.

Up the rocks with a slope of 45 degrees along the 500 meters, we began to meet with first sloping rock named Background Gede. In the Background Gede, we enjoy the sunset scenery.From the rock where we sat, Mount Merapi, looks elegant in a blanket of orange light at dusk.

As the presence of darkness, we began to rely on flashlights light illumination. The hardest part is when we are at once suspenseful encounter with a gap between two mountain rocks more than 100 meters tall. Narrow gap which was passed fit only one person was known by the nickname of the Japanese Goa.

We must creep slowly between two gaps in this rock. If no assistance in the form of scratches starfish foot on the rock wall, we could not penetrate the gap. Starfish, according to our guide, Triyanto (28) and Suhardiman (33), is made by the Japanese. Japan pursued by Allied troops in World War II, chose to hide among the rock niche Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano.

28 springs
Mount Nglanggeran indeed suitable as a hiding place for having more than 28 eyes water. Right next to the Cave of Japan, there is a spring that never dried all time. Residents believe the source of water seepage was coming from the mystical lake called Telaga Wungu. It is said that only a clean-hearted person who can see the lake's existence.

The highest peak of the Ancient Volcano Nglanggeran we soon encountered after walking for about two hours. Summit of Mount Gede earned the name, form of slabs of rock covering half a hectare. At the top we enjoyed the treat that was the highest light sprinkles. Once satisfied to enjoy the stars fell, we watched the moon from the east.

Not only a sprinkling of natural light. Twinkling lights of the city of Yogyakarta, Klaten and Surakarta also reveal her beauty. The canyon surrounding the Mount Gede was said to be the former crater of an ancient volcano. Away from the hustle and bustle, we were only able to hear the roar of the wind, the sound of crickets, and occasional broken limb due to movement of the animal mongoose.

Name Nglanggeran, according Triyanto, derived from the word meaningful Plangaran every evil behavior must be caught. Nglanggeran mountain is composed of many large slabs of rock by the local people called because its shape resembles Mount Wayang puppet characters.

According to local belief, the mountain is guarded and the clown-servants Ongkowijoyo Ki Semar, Gareng, Petruk and Bagong. No wonder, some people still mengeramatkan volcano. On New Year's Eve or the Friday Kliwon Java, some people prefer meditation on mountain tops. In this Nglanggeran Mountain residents have also found a similar statue of Ken Dedes.

After enjoying the sunrise, visitors were treated to the natural green of the mountains. Mount Nglanggeran also be home to a variety of rare flora and fauna, ranging from deer, monkeys, until the wild sandalwood.

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